Dinner & Dance (D&D)

Gala Dinner Organiser

Our professional Stew Production team specialises in organising corporate events such as Dinner & Dance (D&D) and Gala Dinner. We take care of the minute details from the start to finish, ensuring that the event is enjoyable for you and your guests; making it a night to remember. As one of the top event management companies in Singapore, we strive to create the best Dinner & Dance for you and your guests! Drop us an email with your requirements and we will be able to draft up an official quotation/proposal for you!

Corporate roadshow

Roadshows allow sales to move beyond the traditional phone calls and emails to create face-to-face relationships with potential customers. With roadshows, it allows you to showcase your products and your sales executives are able to pitch clearly and confidently. With such brand activations, it allows you to reach out to a greater audience as well, increasing your brand awareness.

Event management

No idea where to begin? Simply let us know your requirement and budget and we can plan something out for you!

From as simple as recruiting talent or mascot to help you attract the crowd and increase your brand exposure, to full-scale management of the roadshow, JNR is the right place to go to.

logistics & storage rental

We understand that displays are the most important part of any roadshow. However, not all companies have their own storage space to keep their logistics for future event uses.

past Roadshow Events

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